Bespoke E- Learning

Each course that we create is a collaborative process with our clients, catering to their requirements and in line with their brand guidelines. We recognise that each project requires a unique approach and therefore we use the latest software and technology to create versatile digital learning experiences to meet our customer’s needs. Flexibility is also at the core of our approach, for instance all our programmes can be seamlessly embedded into any existing Learning Management System.

Digital Production

Video production, interactive video, motion graphics, gamification and sound engineering are just a few of the vital elements required when creating a digital learning programme. To cater for this, we have our very own in-house studio and editing suite. We are equipped with state of the art equipment such as green screens, 4K professional quality cameras, lighting equipment, a range of microphones and sound mixing equipment. This is supported with professional video and sound editing software, as well as software for motion graphics and animation.

Learning Design

We have a proven digital learning process, with a robust pedagogical approach at its core, that aims to increase a learner’s knowledge retention and encourage application. We structure the content to ensure the layout of the learning journey meets the learning objectives and that learners can easily understand and retain all they have learn. Once we have a robust content roadmap, we meticulously design the learner experience by determining the digital production tool to use that would be most suitable for each piece of content.

Content Creation

Our team includes, and is supported by distinguished academics and experts. This facilitates our ability to create bespoke content and curate existing content to meet the learning objectives of our clients. We have experts that are on hand on a range of subjects so you can be sure you are getting leading insights that are relevant for your audience.

Legacy Course Conversion

Organisations and institutions will have subject matter expertise, however often it is not formatted in a way that can be easily translated into digital learning. That’s where we come in. Our expert learning designers work with organisations to convert existing materials into effective digital learning programmes that are interactive, engaging and tangible.

Expert Access

We have our own network of subject matter experts across many fields of education and business. Furthermore, we have access to hundreds of professional actors to meet any client requirement. So, whether its off or in front of the camera we have got our clients covered for any learning requirement.

Web development

Some of the programmes and courses that we’ve developed for clients require a bespoke website, for instance, if a client doesn’t have a Learning Management System or requires an ecommerce component to their programme. Our website development team aims to provide the complete solution; from design to a fully functional live website. This facilitates the marketing of the course to employees or learners.

Marketing of Digital Programmes

We have strong expertise and experience of marketing digital learning programmes. From SEO and PPC to content marketing, we have all the vital ingredients necessary to increase the up-take and sign-ups of your digital learning programme.

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