Accenture and
Henley Business


Accenture and Henley Business School partnered to provide their clients a leading digital programme relating to the new Data Protection regulation called GDPR. They wanted to develop a highly informative, engaging and gamified experience for users that allowed their clients to gain the knowledge required to help them become GDPR compliant.


In was the first time, Accenture and Henley Business School came together and they entrusted Learn Et Al to produce the digital course. We created an end to end platform, with ecommerce functionality and produced all the content. We were able to use our skills in animation, graphics, videography and audio to be able to build a complete solution that really stood out in the market.


The platform launched and was used as a showcase on the level of expertise our clients had in this area. The platform was used by both their corporate clients as well as individuals looking to up-skill their knowledge.